About Us

About Us (and how we became us)

The evolution of optical and optronic technologies applied to informatics has generated products and solutions that were simply unimaginable even only 10 years ago. Finding proper solutions and technologies, useful to solve complex problems, has become a very thrilling challenge in this ever-evolving technologic era. Futurit S.r.l. was born in 2009 as a ITC distributor, moving towards Security and National Defence markets ever since. We have developed high compentence in optoelectronics, laser and optic fiber, which help us finding the right technology for our customers and their applications, together with our long-time experience in the ICT field.

We are active in the following markets:

• Security
• Fiber Optic Sensing
• Early Fire Detection
• Oil & Gas
• Border Control & National Defence
• Coastal Surveillance
• Environmental Monitoring

by exclusively supplying solution to system integrators, installers, retailers, systems and machines constructors, shipyards  e OEM in general. We can also perform feasibility studies for consultants and project designers.

Anticipate Future – Protect Present

Our solutions come from all over the world, and are really innovative and vertical. Our commercial partners trust us with the task of represent them on the italian market, and we have developed particular skills in this regard. We accurately choose solutions and companies for our portfolio, in order to always have the best technology to protect People, Environment, Structures and Sensible Installations.

To us, protection of the present also flows through correctness and transparence of commercial practices. This is why we are TRACE certified. TRACE Inc. is a no profit, worldly-recognized organization, dealing with verification and certification of correctness of commercial practices in societies operating in international markets, along with their intermediaries.